Call for Papers

RWL10 invites individual papers / symposiums / roundtables /workshops / posters that address one or more of the following sub-themes:

  1. Organisation of work and learning: social, political and technical
  2. Jobs, occupations, knowledge and learning
  3. Learning and organisational development and change
  4. Role of policy, social and intermediary institutions in work and learning
  5. Careers and bridging into work
  6. Casualisation of work and insecure workers – learning possibilities to deal with struggles, risk and precarity
  7. Cultural, historical and socio-material perspectives on work, learning, agency and social change
  8. Professions and professionalisms – today and for the future
  9. Educating and learning for a sustainable world
  10. Methodology development for researching work and learning

The format of the programme will be as follows:

  • Papers (20 minutes) followed by 10 minutes for discussion
  • Symposiums of 90 minutes - comprise three or more presenters who all focus on the same theme.
  • Roundtables of 60 minutes
  • Poster presentations.

NOTE: Submission of Abstracts by 30 March 2017


RWL10 will be hosting a Student Paper Award. The purpose of the award is to recognise and draw attention to the outstanding contributions of graduate student research that is being conducted across work and learning practice spaces.

Eligibility for Award:

The paper must be original and must not have been submitted anywhere else for possible presentation or publication. Furthermore, the candidate for the award must be both, the first author of the paper and the presenting author and be present at RWL10.

All paper submissions will undergo a blind review for selection of finalists. The committee will evaluate the papers according to the following preferred set of criteria:

  • Quality and originality of the research.
  • Contribution to the literature and advancement of knowledge
  • Relevance to the conference themes
  • Robustness of research methodology
  • Organisation of ideas, development of argument and writing skill

Benefits for Award Winners:

  • The award for the Best Student Paper will be announced during the Conference and winner(s) of the Best Student Paper Award will be recognised
  • Names, photograph and abstract of the winning paper will be published on the Conference website and RWL website
  • Papers of the award-winner(s) will be considered for publication in the relevant scholarly journal with a citation that the paper received the award during the conference.
  • A prize has been secured for the winning paper